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About Us!

Ibanez Chip n Ding is a new store for 2019!

However, what isn't new is the owner - Max Cottam'


Max built his first guitar 30 years ago and currently is a busy guitar repairman and also runs the ebay shop - CottamGuitarsUK selling mainly Ibanez guitar spares and Dimarzio pickups.

Most of you who are "in to" Ibanez guitars will know him/of him and will probably have bought pickups or parts from him over the years.


Max was approached by Ibanez' UK distributor, Headstock distribution, to set up an outlet for the sale of B-Stock guitars... and here it is!

B-Stock maybe sounds a bit "used", a bit "second-rate", a bit "don't want one of them"...

But in all honesty the majority of the guitars have an "issue" that is so minor it's pointless paying more for an "A" grade guitar, which may have been hanging on the wall in your local guitar store for months and may actually have more wear on it than one of ours.

On the other hand if you're the person that wants a BRAND NEW guitar straight out of the box that is untouched by human hand... then our guitars probably aren't for you and we would recommend that you visit your local guitar shop and ask that a guitar be ordered in especially for you and you'll be happy with one that hasn't been on the wall for X number of months.

However, what we want to do is offer you, the customer, a choice!

How many of you have bought something new and within the first or second time of using it/wearing it etc. you've marked it... very annoying, but it DOES happen.

But if you buy a guitar that maybe already has a small mark on it, you've saved a lot of your hard earned money PLUS, that horrible feeling of not wanting to mark your pristine new guitar is gone and you can just get on with ENJOYING it, which after all, that's what playing your guitar is all about!

"Oh yeah, and you might just be that bit more appealing to the opposite sex!"

And rest assured... ALL our guitars will have a thorough check by Max before being sent to you, to ensure you are happy with your chosen guitar.

The last thing that we, or you want is a guitar sending back as it wastes your time and our money so please read the description fully and ask any questions FIRST.

Shop smart! - and grab a bargain from us

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